Irrigation systems

The Giampietra Satta Gardening Company is a modern and dynamic company with a highly qualified and experienced team who can design the right irrigation system for your green areas. We manage irrigation systems for both small gardens and large parks. A study of the land will be made to evaluate shade and sunshine areas and to analyse the quality of the soil. Feel free to contact us for more information and a free quote. 

The company is based in San Teodoro but also operates in the nearby Budoni and Porto San Paoloareas.

Patentino Verde

The purchase and use of agrochemicals, classified as harmful (Xn), toxic (T) or very toxic (T +), is only permitted for those in possession of a special licence (Patentino verde). The permit is valid for five years issued by the Provincia after the successful completion of compulsory training.

The company is registered with the Environmental Manager for drainage and has all the permissions for cutting  palm trees affected by the Punteruolo Rosso disease.

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